Construction Management & Supervision

Our experienced and specialised staff, includes engineers, designers and construction managers of various disciplines. Expert assistance is also provided in project planning, time-scheduling, quantity surveying, contract management, quality assurance and control, health and safety, and traffic management. We use the latest software packages and we have compiled standard manuals and database structures for quality control and laboratory testing in order to support construction management activities on site.
Our team can guarantee the precise execution of every project. By strictly adhering to its design specifications and aiming to its safe, timely and within budget realization, RENEWABLE provides the following services:

  • Construction Management and Planning
  • Review, Comments and Approval of Contractor’s documents
  • Supervision of Construction Works
  • Fulfillment Verification of Quality Assurance / Control Systems
  • Fulfillment Verification of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Systems
  • Review of Construction Works Time Schedules
  • Construction Progress Evaluation and Reporting
  • Contract Administration
  • Quantities Surveying Review
  • Progress / Payment Certificates / Variations / Claims
  • Disputes Settlement
  • Commissioning, Performance Tests and Start Up Assistance
  • Project Take Over / Hand Over