Project Management

From inception to completion, we plan, execute, and control projects backed by proactive planning and first-hand knowledge of contract terms, client objectives, responsibilities, and capabilities. Project budgets are continuously monitored to secure budget and contract compliance. Adept technical and human resources are pooled to forge effective project organization structures. Focus is maintained on diligent communication lines with clients to sustain long-lasting business relationships. Meanwhile, in accordance with the best engineering ethics, plans are set, goals are defined, and methods are devised to accomplish projects’ requirements within set budget and time schedule.
A highly-skilled and experienced Project and Program Management team supported by sophisticated software provides state of the art services covering the needs of any project, regardless of its size or complexity. Our services include:

  • Project definition
  • Project team organization
  • Preparation and Implementation of Execution Plan
  • Planning, Time Scheduling and Control
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cost Control
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Engineering and Design Review Coordination
  • Materials / Equipment Procurement Services