Energy Audit Services

RENEWABLE provides integrated Energy Auditing services in building, industrial & mining sector, in order to identify the most efficient and cost-effective Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) or Measures (ECMs). Equipped with the necessary software, know-how & instrumentation (thermal cameras, Lux-meters, VA-meter, T/H-meters etc), RENEWABLE can carry out Energy Audits from Level 0 (Benchmarking) up to Level III (Investment-Grade).
Our services include:

  • Energy conservation analysis (time-charts, energy & heat balances etc)
  • Energy bills & equipment consumption analysis
  • Operating conditions survey
  • Energy consumption behavior simulation
  • Energy consumption interactions analysis (weather, occupancy, operating schedules etc)
  • Selection and evaluation of Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) or Measures (ECMs)
  • Energy saving potential estimation

Energy Code Compliance Consultancy

The key to realizing the full benefits associated with building energy codes is through compliance verification. Establishing and maintaining mechanisms to ensure energy code compliance is important to achieve greater energy and economic goals. Effective compliance and enforcement unlocks deeper energy savings, reduced costs, higher building resale value, and minimized environmental impact.
RENEWABLE works with a collection of innovative materials and tools to help the building industry achieve, document and verify compliance with energy codes.
RENEWABLE has also developed methodologies and tools to help state and local jurisdictions measure and report energy code compliance, and provides technical assistance to help address compliance challenges.

EPC ACTIONS – Energy Performance Contracting

RENEWABLE provides integrated services to clients seeking an innovative approach to developing and managing EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) projects and assets. Our services include:

  • Policy advice & business strategy
  • Project identification & selection / Options & risk assessments
  • Energy / Cost-saving opportunities identification and evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Project / construction management & Monitoring

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