RENEWABLE considers Permits Issuance among the critical issues in any project, as it has the potential to affect its proper and timely completion. Having extensive experience in the issuance of all necessary permits in complex mining, building, energy, and industry projects, RENEWABLE provides the following services:

  • Authority Investigation for the definition of all required Approvals / Permits and relevant application document
  • Permits Issuance Procedure
  • Preparation of all required documents for submission to Authorities
  • Applications to Authorities and Permits Issuance follow up

Tendering & Contracting

Acknowledging the complexity of implementing a smooth tendering and contracting process, RENEWABLE is in the position to provide excellent services on this issue. Equipped with the necessary know-how, RENEWABLE can identify the optimum way of tendering and materialisation of both public and private projects.
The services we provide are:

  • Tender & Contract Documents Preparation
  • Quantities Surveying
  • Cost Estimation
  • Bids Technical and Commercial Evaluation
  • Tenders Issuance / Clients Support during Tendering
  • Contractors Selection

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