IATROPOLIS SA – New Diagnostic Unit

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A new fully equipped Diagnostic Unit at 290 Patision Street, was opened yesterday (15/05/2019) by Iatropolis Group in the center of Athens / Greece. This is the 7th Unit of the Group, which includes an investment of €10m, as IATROPOLIS already has five Diagnostic Centers and a specialized Oncology Clinic, serving 4,000 visitors daily. The

HELLAS GOLD SA – Energy Audit

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Renewable | KRAVVARITIS & PARTNERS SA | Consulting Engineers, appointed by HELLAS GOLD SA to provide energy audit services (acc. to Law. 4342/2015 & ISO 50001 requirements) in order to investigate & categorize all significant energy use across the company’s mining operations and provide a detailed framework for management and improvements for higher energy performance.

Flue Gas Desulfurization plant for AD Units 3-4

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Renewable | KRAVVARITIS & PARTNERS | Consulting Engineers, appointed by AKTOR SA to undertake the Basic Design (Mechanical / electrical & automation installations) for the Wet Limestone Flue Gas Desulfurization plant (FGD) that PPC intend to install for the Units 3-4 of the Aghios Dimitrios lignite fired Power plant, in the Kozani area (Greece). AGHIOS

«Perama Hill» Gold / Silver Mine

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Renewable | KRAVVARITIS & PARTNERS | Consulting Engineers, appointed by Thracean Gold Mining S.A. ( to undertake the Technical Study & Basic Design Update for the development of the gold mine of Perama Hill in the Prefecture of Evros (Greece). The oxidized gold deposit at Perama consists a typical deposit of low sulfidation which is

SARANTIS SA – Fragrances & Cosmetics plant ext.

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Renewable | KRAVVARITIS & PARTNERS | Consulting Engineers, appointed by ASPROFOS ENGINEERING ( to undertake the MEP design for the modernization and extension of the existing SARANTIS SA Fragrances & Cosmetics plant. Sarantis SA, produces and trades in cosmetics, household, and para-pharmaceutical products in Greece. It operates through three segments: Mass Market Cosmetics, Household Products,

Kôres Boutique Hotel & Spa

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In one of the most beautiful and easily approachable villages of Zagori region, in Vitsa, the newly built Kôres Hotel Boutique & Spa ( ) is erected imposing. The impressive hotel, consisting of 3 buildings, is totally made of stone and perfectly blends into the natural landscape and the atmosphere of the region,

Alpine Space: Interview with Kleanthis Kravvaritis

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Source: Alpine Space Thermogeology in Greece and in the Mediterranean Islands Kravvaritis & Partners - Consulting engineers ( ) offers integrated Consulting Engineering Services – construction supervision, project management & technical assistance - covering a wide range of development and technical projects, such as energy, health, building, tourism, mining, industrial & infrastructure.