A new fully equipped Diagnostic Unit at 290 Patision Street, was opened yesterday (15/05/2019) by Iatropolis Group in the center of Athens / Greece.

This is the 7th Unit of the Group, which includes an investment of €10m, as IATROPOLIS already has five Diagnostic Centers and a specialized Oncology Clinic, serving 4,000 visitors daily.

The new Diagnostic Unit on Patision Street will provide services with 12 fully equipped departments with the latest technological systems in an area of ​​2500 sq.m.

Renewable | Kravvaritis & Partners | Consulting Engineers, as part of the design & project management team, he has to thank Iatropolis Group for the trust & ARENVI Architects (www.arenvi.com) for the great collaboration at design, permitting, construction & commissioning stages of this great project.

IATROPOLIS Medical Group is a unique private medical centre that combines non invasive modern treatment methods for cancer and imaging using state of the art technologies. It was founded in 1986 in Athens were the first MRI SCANNER was installed and for many years it was the one and only in Greece. Since then 12 mri scanners among them 4 – 3 Tesla mri scanners were installed and 5 ct scanners among them one 256 slice ct scanner.

IATROPOLIS Medical Group nowadays is operating 7 medical imaging centres in Athens fully equipped with the cutting edge technology providing high quality services accredited by international standards (certified by ISO 9001-2008).