The Municipality of Nea Ionia ( implements the Project «Geothermal System of Remote Air Conditioning and other RES Applications», which has been included in the Program «European Economic Area (EEA) Grants for the period 2009−2014» (, and specifically in the Section of «Renewable Energy Sources». The Program was created by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway in order to strengthen the bilateral relations and reduce economic and social disparities amongst the countries of European Economic Area, which includes countries from EU and the three afore mentioned donor countries. The funding of «Renewable Energy Sources» section comes by 85% from EEA Grants and by 15% from the Greek Investment Plan.

In this project, except from the Municipality of Nea Ionia, participate also the following partners:

– The Konstantopouleio Public Hospital of Nea Ionia «St. Olga».

– The Institute for Child protection of Athens.

– The Centre for infant Education and healthcare (KEBREFO) of Nea Ionia.

Main object of this project is the construction of a geothermal system for remote air conditioning which is consisted of the following:

1) Drills, mechanical apparatus room and water tank. They are expected to be installed in the area of the public stadium.

2) The following public buildings:

α) Konstantopouleio Public Hospital of Nea Ionia «St. Olga»

β) Exemplar House for Male Children

γ) 1st Nursery School of Nea Ionia

δ) 4th/7th Nursery School of Nea Ionia

ε) 14th Nursery School of Nea Ionia

στ) 6th Elementary School of Nea Ionia

ζ) 7th High School of Nea Ionia

η) 5th Lyceum of Nea Ionia

θ) Town Hall of Nea Ionia

In the above mentioned buildings, the geothermal system will provide heating or cooling through water/water heat pumps. For the Hospital «St. Olga» in particular, the geothermal system will be used not for air conditioning but for production of hot water.

3) The distribution network, which will connect the above mentioned buildings with the central mechanical room.

The interventions in the above buildings are accompanied with installation of PV converters and replacement of conventional lighting sources with LED. In the hospital «St. Olga» solar thermal system will be installed for the production of hot water.

The goals of this project are:

– Indicative use of green energy technologies (RES) in buildings with high number of visitors in the municipality of Nea Ionia.

– Increased use of RES and increased energy saving in the above mentioned buildings.

– Reduce of CO2 emissions and improvement of energy footprint of Nea Ionia.

– Contribution to the national goals concerning the environment and energy (always taking into consideration the main targets of this program).


Project Facts

Project objective: A less carbon-dependent economy

Project promoter: Municipality of Nea Ionia

Project number: GR03-0006

Target group(s): Children, Young adults,

Status: In Progress

Project cost: € 1,672,431

From EEA Grants: € 1,421,566

The project is carried out in: Attiki

Renewable | Kravvaritis & Partners | Consulting Engineers, appointed by Municipality of Nea Ionia (, in order to undertake the Project Management services of the above described project.